Tim Pedigo has been involved in many different forms of ministry for most of his life. Whether it was waiting on Mom and Dad while they finished some task around the church, falling asleep under a pew while his mother directed a choir rehearsal, or starting his first nursing home services at age 16, Tim has performed many levels of service to the church.

Music, of course, has always played a large role in his life. From beginner piano lessons, to Junior High band class, to High school choir, Tim has always had a deep love for music and the effect it has on people. A year after graduation Tim took on the role of Minister of Music at his home church and enrolled at Texas State University in Denton, Texas studying Music Education. Four years later he attended Jackson College of Ministries for one year. It was during this year that he made his first solo recording, "Rain Your Love." From that album (That’s right. Record album! 12" black piece of vinyl.) until now, Tim has recorded several solo projects, and has participated on many recordings by other groups and choirs. He and his wife, Adena, now have a dynamic singing ministry and have produced several recordings together. They have traveled extensively throughout the United States and many foreign countries sharing their ministries with others.

All of the Pedigo’s recordings have included songs that Tim has written. The desire to say what was on his heart flowed into the melodies that were coming from his lips, and songs were born. His song, <I>"You’ll Still Be Lord Of All"</I> topped the national radio charts at #1 in November of 1988. Since then, other songs, such as <I>"They That Wait"</I> and <I>"Make Me In Your Image"</I> also reached #1 and #4 respectively on the national charts. Though it has never charted nationally, <I>"Keep Believing"</I> has probably become Tim’s signature song and his most requested. Many of these songs have been recorded by other groups such as the Gaither Vocal Band, Janet Paschal, Corey Emerson, Calvin Hunt, Truth, the Calvary Tabernacle Choir, the Alexandria Sanctuary Choir, as well as others. The truth is that the idea of trying to create a five minute sermon set to music was actually just an attempt to appease God for that night in his senior year of high school in 1975, when he knew that God was really calling him to preach.

A few years back, Tim finally gave in to the call that was on his life and began teaching and preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He is now an ordained minister of the United Pentecostal Church International and an Associate Minister at Calvary Tabernacle in Indianapolis, Indiana. He is also an instructor at Indiana Bible College teaching both music and Bible classes. He has been involved in music conferences for the past twenty five years teaching a variety of music seminars. Tim has served as the Music Coordinator for the past five North American Youth Congress events for the United Pentecostal Church International. He is presently a member of the Pentecostal Music Association Commission.

Tim and Adena are blessed with two wonderful children, Maci and Georgeon, who seem to be carrying on the love of music, as well as being involved with all that goes on around the church.


Adena Pedigo is a gifted soloist, choir director, and children&rsquo;s music educator. She has been involved in ministry at different levels for most of her life. Growing up in Muskegon, Michigan, she was an integral part of the music program of her church, serving as a singer, musician, and choir director. As a teenager, Adena was in involved in several International Youth Corp. trips where she had the opportunity to sing and witness in many foreign countries such as the Phillipines, China, as well as most of the European countries. She also traveled extensively throughout the United States with her father, Paul Mooney, singing in camp meetings and conferences.

Adena attended Jackson College of Ministries for one year follow high school after which she moved to Indianapolis, Indiana where her father had taken the pastorate at Calvary Tabernacle.

Today, Adena wears many different ministry hats. She and her husband, Tim Pedigo, are recording artists and have produced several music CD&rsquo;s. They have spent the last thirteen years serving as Pastoral Associates at Calvary Tabernacle as well as singing and preaching at camps, conferences, and churches throughout the United Pentecostal Church fellowship and Missons Conferences in foreign countries.

For the past six years Adena has been a licensed Kindermusik teacher. She has also served as the Children&rsquo;s Choir Director for the past three years. Adena is also blessed with two up and coming musical treasures in Maci and Georgeon Pedigo.